Why Choose Us?

Why choose CCC over another company?

Small Numbers = Big Results

The maximum amount of children that can attend Cal’s Confidence Coaching is eight. That’s because every child needs time, and attention to develop. We understand that every child is unique and our classes are specifically designed to get the best out of each individual. Completely original in our methods.

Life and Social Skills –

It’s not only about playing sports and the way we move, the way we act is just as important and how we communicate with one another. The manners, the ability to listen, eye contact, understanding that it’s okay to “fail” and finally, most importantly, to not take ourselves to seriously, smile and laugh.

The Family  –

Our coaches are unique in the way they understand this is not a standard coaching job. We are creating a one of a kind organisation where our coaches are hired for their dedication, passion and understanding of Cal’s Coaching’s vision. All of our positive team are fully qualified, have their DBS Disclosure and there will always be a first aid qualified coach at each session.

Loyalty –

When we say our customers mean a lot we mean it, we don’t take things for granted and because of that. The longer you stay the cheaper it gets.

Individual and Small Sessions –

As well as our set classes, we have one to one, one to two, one to three and one to four coaching sessions for your children or a group of friends. This could be the perfect option for your child if their looking for a more personalised, comfortable and unique coaching sessions.

For individual and small sessions we can come to you, as long as their is a grassy field near by or you have a suitable garden, it’s no worries!

Is your child lacking confidence, doesn’t want to play at school, or with his friends?
Looking to improve behaviour?
Is your child shy and doesn’t want to leave your side? We offer various amount of coaching classes to suit your children and your needs
Does your child feel like they aren’t good enough?
Would you like STAR training for your children and/or their friends to improve to that next level?!

They’re some great discounts for individual and small sessions around at the moment and if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Consistency is a big part to improving. We recommend two sessions per week but do understand that these days people are tight for money and time. So if one is all that is possible at the moment, we can suggest some fun things you can do at home. We do offer single session prices, blocks are also available, and recommended. Please take a look at our classes where you will find all prices and great deals on short and long terms blocks.