Small Classes

Individual And Small Group Sport Sessions:

1-1 coaching = £25
1-2 coaching = £43
1-3 coaching = £58
1-4 coaching = £65

Free 15 minute ‘Get To Know’ consultation.

Multi Sport/Activity

Each of these 60 minute sessions, include the following:
– fun 10 minute warm up for the mind and body
– 45 minute Football/Multi Sport and Activity session
– 5 Minute cool down positive wrap-up
– Confidence, Social and Life skills, integrated and practised throughout whole session
– We come to you, Manchester and surrounding areas

Extremely tailored and specific to each individual(s) short and long term goal, whether the aims are to:

– Raise your ability and confidence enough to play with your group of friends.

– Improve behaviour

– Become the star of your local team.

– Develop your fitness and movement the your sporting activity.

– Make friends and develop confidence, life and social skills.

– Grow into your preferred position in your squad, learning the ins and outs and what it takes.

Please note:
– More sports are coming, if you are interested in different sporting activities, please get in contact with us and pass on, what sport, day and time you are interested in.
– These classes are from one individual, up to four children, either the same family, or a group friends. If you would like to be joined up with another child(s), we can do our best to make this happen, please can you get in contact with details on where and what times suit you and we will do our best to help out, thank you.

– We are based in Chorlton, and have a coaching area here, though if you can’t travel, we are more than welcome to travel to you if you have a reasonable size garden or small grassy area nearby.

Blocks are available and recommended for great savings. For more information, please contact us